Frequently Asked Questions – Absa Dining – Available for Gold Accounts

How does Absa Dining work?

With Absa Dining you enjoy dining out daily. Choose from a great selection of our partnered restaurants countywide

You get up to R100 off your second main meal purchased (the cheaper of the two).


When did the Absa Dining – VAS commence and when will it end?

It commenced on the 1 March 2017 and ends on 28 February 2020, after which date the Absa-Dining – VAS will automatically terminate.


Must I book in advance of going to my restaurant of choice?

Advance booking is essential at least 24 hours in advance.

You may dine out daily, subject to prior booking and confirmation thereof.

Some restaurants will require advance bookings over special occasions, like Valentines or Mother’s day


How often can I use the Absa Dining benefit?

 With Absa Dining you enjoy dining out daily


What is a “main meal” and how is the discount received?

Main meal as defined per the restaurant’s menu. This does not include drinks, starters, desserts, salads, appetisers or kiddies meal.


On which part of the meal does the R100 discount get deducted from?

Discount received on the cheaper of the second main meals purchased.


  • If the cheaper main meal is less than the R100 discount, the customer will not receive any cash back for the portion not used. If the second main meal is R69.  R69 will be deducted from the total bill.
  • If more than two people dine out, up to R100 is given on the cheapest main meal. If the cheapest main meal is R99, then R99 will be deducted of the total bill.


Where are the restaurants located?

Restaurants are situated in most Metropolitan areas. Visit to check where the restaurants are located and what their terms and conditions are.


Are the restaurants Halaal?

Halaal restaurants are available, however they are not Sharia’h compliant


How do I qualify for Absa Dining?

To qualify for the Absa Dining benefit, you must meet the following criteria:

You must have an any of the following accounts:

  • Gold Value Bundle account;
  • Workplace Gold Value Bundle;
  • Islamic Gold Value Bundle account;

Your account must be active and in good standing (meaning that the account is not overdrawn; in arrears;  under collections or sequestration, be subject to any legal process; closed or estate late)

Irrespective if you have more than one of the above accounts, you are only entitled to one membership number.



Ensure you meet this above criteria to benefit from this exciting offer.

Provide us with your correct email address and cell phone number, which will enable you to redeem your offer efficiently.


How do I activate the Absa Dining benefit?

Pre-activation of membership

If we have your cellphone number or email address, we will pre-register you for Absa Dining. You will receive a welcome SMS or email with your membership number. All you have to do thereafter is to make a booking and enjoy your benefit.

How do I go about making a booking?

  • Go to the Absa Dining website,, and view the partnered restaurants
  • Choose a restaurant that is convenient for you
  • Call the Absa Dining concierge on 0861 005 111  between 08h30 – 18h00, Monday – Friday and 08h30 – 16h00 Saturday or via email on
  • The assistant will confirm availability of your chosen restaurant.
  • Your booking confirmation will be sent to you, via your chosen method of communication. (This can be done via SMS / WhatsApp /Email)


How will the restaurant know that I am part of Absa Dining?

  • Present your booking reference upon arrival at the restaurant prior to being seated.
  • Your booking reference can be presented as a WhatsApp, SMS or a print out from your email
  • The confirmation of booking will show your membership number, time of booking , date and restaurant name.
  • Showing confirmation of booking will ensure that the R100 discount is deducted from your cheaper second main meal.


If I have a query or complaint who do I contact?

  • Contact the Absa Contact Centre on 0860 777 369, Monday to Friday 08h30 to 16h30 or Saturday 08h30 to 12h00
  • Please use the number 0860 777 369 for any of the following related enquiries:
    • Any enquiries relating to booking confirmation or discounts
    • If you do not qualify for the Absa Dining membership
    • If you did not receive your membership details


What restaurants are currently available on Absa Dining?

Some of the partnered restaurants are  available countrywide and a full list is available on the Absa Dining website

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Available branches

  • Adega
  • Barceló’s
  • Basilico
  • Beluga
  • Bell & Anchor
  • Bombay Blu
  • Brazen Head
  • Brooklyn Brothers
  • Butcher Block
  • Cattle Baron
  • Cappello
  • Captain DoRegos
  • Craw Daddy’s
  • Cuba Lounge
  • Cubana
  • John Dorys
  • Jimmy Killer Prawns
  • Jimmy Killer Fish and Chips
  • Jimmy Killer Pizza
  • Jimmy Killer Grills
  • Magnifico Bistro
  • Mexican Fresh
  • Mike’s Kitchen
  • Nino’s
  • Pizza Del Forno
  • RJ’S Steak House
  • Scheckter’s RAW
  • Spice The Indian Kitchen
  • Spur
  • Thava Indian Restaurant
  • The Mexican
  • The Royal India
  • Yum Yum Restaurant

I am not an Absa Dining member, how do I become a member?

  • Absa Dining is available to Absa Gold customers. To find out more on the Gold accounts log on to, or call 0860 100 372 or visit a nearest Branch.

Can I become an Absa Dining card holder without having an Absa account?

  • No, In order to qualify for an Absa Dining membership, you must hold a Absa Gold account. To find out more on the Absa Gold accounts log on to, or call  0860 100 372  or visit a nearest Branch.

How do I cancel my Absa Dining membership?

  • You do not need to cancel your Absa Dining membership, but rather you may choose not to use it.

What offers are available to Absa Dining members?

  • Absa Dining allows you to get up to R100 off the cheapest second main meal, at our partner restaurants

At participating restaurants, what menu items does the offer apply to?

  • The offer applies all main meals, as defined by the restaurant and cannot be used in conjunction with specials or promotions.

Can the restaurants exclude any days or times?

  • Yes, there are certain exclusions which will apply to specific restaurants. Other reasonable exclusions may apply, for example certain holidays, or special occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas & Mother’s Day.
  • Please see the details specific to the restaurant or contact Absa Dining concierge on 0861 005 111.

Why do restaurants ask for advance booking?

  • This is to inform the restaurant of the Absa Dining customer and allow for you to receive your discount, with your booking confirmation.
  • This is also to avoid disappoint of the restaurant being fully booked.

Why didn’t I receive the discount when I ordered from the set menu?

  • Check with the restaurant as to which meals you qualify to receive the discount on.


I have seen a restaurant on your website which is no longer there?

  • This is dependent on our partner restaurants willing to participate in the Dining program. New Restaurants will be added at any time and existing may resign. An updated list of restaurants is also available on the

Is my choice of dishes limited when using my Absa Dining?

  • Yes, it is only valid on main meals – as defined by the partner restaurant
    Please note the offer cannot typically be used in conjunction with any special set menu or other offer

Can I use my Absa Dining benefit 7 days a week?

  • Yes!!  Every day.
  • Some restaurants do have individual restrictions including weekend days or celebration days, so please check the individual restaurant details on our website prior to booking.
  • You can use Absa Dining daily, BUT not more than once a day at the same restaurant.
  • Prior booking is essential


How do I keep informed of new restaurants joining?

  • The Absa Dining website  is always up-to-date with all of the new restaurants available. You can also contact the Absa Dining concierge on 0861 005 111.

Can I recommend a restaurant to join Absa Dining program?

How can I update my contact details?

  • You can update your details by contacting our Customer Service 0860 100372 , via Absa Online or visit any branch.

Is the Absa Dining membership transferable?

  • No, it is only available to you the holder of a Absa Gold accounts. It cannot be loaned to friends or family members.

What do I do if I experience any problems at restaurant?

  • Should you experience any problems with the restaurant for whatever reason, please contact us 0860 777 369.

My question is not in under the list of Frequently asked questions?

  • For any queries relate contact 0860 777 369